Another Shoe in the Mud

Reflective mud puddle
Photo by Melanie Willson Miera

I grew up in a small hick town in central Utah. Emery County is famous for it’s sticky, heavy, blue slate mud. It rarely got wet there but when it did, you had better make sure your shoes were tied up tight.

My younger, no longer little brother, probably lost at least 3 shoes in the Emery County mud. He loved to play in it, and when he did, he would stand right in the puddle to play (Maybe that is why he is so tall now). After standing there for a while, stirring up the muck, he would eventually try to move and would find that he was completely stuck, mud up to his lower calves, and no way to extricate himself. His cries would eventually reach the ears of an older sibling or parent who would tug on him until he came loose, usually with just a sock on his foot. Unfortunately, the shoe was so buried it often was left in a sticky grave, no longer to be seen.

In life, we often tend to get ourselves into situations where we feel like all is well. We enjoy the place we are at but we are unaware of the sinking pit we are forging. When we finally decide to move, or recognize our situation, we are stuck and it takes great effort to change and we often have lost something in the process.

“God can’t steer a parked car” is a common phrase in our home. We must move in order to be guided and progress. Don’t get stuck doing what you have always done in your career search. The world is different than it was when we may have had to look for work before. Adapt! Grow! Change with the system and re-invent yourself to become the shining star employers look for. If you don’t you may find yourself “shopping for a new pair of shoes.”

Thanks Lenny!!


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