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I’ve got to write this blog so I don’t get slapped!

It has been a long dry-spell for me in the blogging world and recently, I got a wake-up call. I facilitate an entrepreneur group that meets in 12-week cohorts. During this time, we are encouraged to have at least one project review to discuss with business leaders the progress we made or plan to make in the 12 weeks.

During my presentation, it was mentioned that I have been a successful blogger and some of my career related blogs hit nearly 5,000 clicks and were featured articles on Linkedin. In the blogging world, this is far from impressive, but as a small business owner trying to make ends meet, and in the small community in which I live it is impressive. One of the mentors nearly fell off his chair at learning of my past blogging successes. He asked, “why are you not blogging now?” I sheepishly responded that I have had severe writers block and I have been dealing with a lot of personal and family trials. He responded very kindly, “WELL, I’M GONNA SLAP THE WRITERS BLOCK RIGHT OUT OF YOU!” So this is me not getting slapped.

Let me re-introduce my blog. DreamCoachers is my dream and I have been pursuing this dream for nearly eight years now. My expertise/niche is not just a regular job coaching tips and tricks blog but a “live your dream” blog. I have a deep belief that much of our societal ills are caused by the expectations put on each of us to find a “sensible job” and do whatever it takes to provide for your family.  There is something noble to this philosophy especially since most people don’t know any better. In some ways, I have need of doing a little more of this myself. I truly believe, however, that going to work simply for a paycheck is stress invoking, leads to anxiety and/or depression, and promotes a culture of mediocrity in the workplace. Why not pursue an opportunity to work because you love what you do? In this case, the money is a bonus and your daily accomplishments are payment enough!

My mission is to provide new ideas and advice so individuals can discover what their dream is and easily transition from a “job” to a “passion.” So please follow me on this journey to re-launch the DreamCoachers blog and hopefully you will find yourself rekindling that dream you have always wanted to pursue. If you want to see some of my past works, most of them were published on LinkedIn at I also have written blogs here at and

Enjoy the ride! I for one will, and plus, I ain’t gettin’ slapped!


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