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The YeeeeeHaw Review

I’m a redneck through and through! But I am also a businessman. A few months back, I had this brilliant idea that would be part of reviving my blog and well…I didn’t do anything about it. It’s time!

Image result for highway 6  green river utah

I live in rural Utah in a surprisingly beautiful area. I say surprisingly because those thousands of tourists who drive from Salt Lake to Moab pass through one of the driest and most barren stretches of road in Utah (Price to Green River) and unless you have good eyes to see the skyline, it is ugly.

This isn’t a post about how beautiful Carbon and Emery County is however. It is a post about the small businesses who are creating a reason for people to get off the highway and experience the beauty, the small business owners and entrepreneurs. I recently had an experience at a business (one of about 5-10 in the town) that gave me the idea to create this series of blog posts. I will reveal the experience in another post but I have decided to award businesses who have an amazing product or service with my YeeeeeHaw Review. For now this will be businesses that I have a top notch experience with and if I were to use a scale, would give it 5 e’s (Get it? Y EEEEE Haw!).

I have created a nomination form with a link below that anyone can nominate a business or entrepreneur for their products or services to be featured on my YeeeeeHaw Review. I personally will contact or experience it for myself and then, I will post a new review every Saturday (deep breath, committing to this). I will also post it in a few select Carbon and Emery County Facebook groups. Occasionally I may find a need to highlight someone outside of this schedule or even a person outside of our area but mostly I want to promote our local businesses.

I look forward to hearing and experiencing the amazing stories of entrepreneurship, customer service, and complete awesomeness! Thank you!


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