Worshops and Seminars

Small Business and Social Media – A class that focuses on the tips to using social media in business that will generate interest, global recognition and increased revenue inside and outside of a local area. The is an overview of how each site can be used in a business as an effective marketing tool. Prices range from $49-$69 per person.

Nobility Road Workshop – An overview of our Nobility Road mentoring program. This class provides some of the tools and explanations of each of the 10 steps but does not provide individual mentoring. No Cost but is offered as a community service and may lead to other mentoring programs.

Natural Frequency – Everything in this world has a natural frequency. Have you ever watched a person break a glass with their voice? We all have our own natural frequency and what we do in life can resonate with that frequency or cause dissonance. Learn how to identify your own natural frequency and choose an intentional life and career in perfect resonance.

Emotional Hand Grenades – An explanation of how our words thrown in a general statement can create effects on those closest to us either passive aggressively or unintentionally.

Correction is not Condemnation – When we issue feedback, the recipient often perceives it as condemnation. In this workshop we address the belief that if we offer correction, we are judging or condemning the person.

Your True Heritage – A review of how ancestors and family patterns, traditions, strengths and weaknesses and upbringing can affect our ability to succeed in business and in our careers. A sketch of 4 generations.

Customized Workshops – We are excellent program designers and will taylor a workshop to the needs of your organization.