Our Structure and Purpose

DreamCoachers0616I get asked frequently what our business is about and what we are doing. So, here is a brief explanation of DreamCoachers. The main aspect of our business is mentoring and coaching. I am a career coach and mentor and I use my experience in that area to help people explore the career that would use their gifts and talents to create a life that they can love to live. My goal is to maximize who we are into a career, business etc. in such a way that we change the world. Erin is my business partner and is also a coach and mentor. Her focus and strength is in helping people get past limiting beliefs that are holding them back from achieving their greatness. This is a skill we are both learning from our mentors. We will work individually with people as well as we will be teaching classes in the community and within businesses as consultants. This is our core business.

When I was working for the State of Utah, there were limitations on what I could do. I was only able to refer people to regular 9-5 type jobs. I learned the value of network marketing and entrepreneurship and have made that part of our toolkit of resources. We have learned about many network marketing companies and have even aligned ourselves with a few. I will give you a brief intro to each and I will create a page on our website www.dreamcoachers.com. Our intention is to be able to refer people to quality network marketing companies if that is something that honors the person we are working with. Network marketing is a viable business that if selected carefully can create a lot of wealth in a relatively short amount of time.

Indepent DistributorThe first company we have aligned ourselves with and hope to create a pipeline of income with is Rain International. Rain is the creator of seed nutrition. In the industry, they are category creators and knowing that, is a huge advantage to investing into this opportunity. Seeds are 10-20 times more nutrient rich than the plant or the fruit and so it is a powerful source of nutrients and resources our bodies need to replenish and rebuild. Their product Soul has allowed Erin to take on a new life she struggled to create before with less toxic medications.

LimitlessStrongbrook/Limitless is one of our mentoring businesses which offers tools to earn money while learning from multimillionaires on how to create and grow your business. This is very much a no pressure company that if you want to just come and learn, you are enriched greatly with no obligation to buy into the network marketing or higher mentoring side of it. This is where we are learning to work through our limiting beliefs that are holding us back from our greatness and trust in our abilities and gifts to make a difference in the world.

Wakaya Perfection is a health and beauty company and is still in the pre-launch phase. Anyone in the network marketing industry knows that is either a huge benefit or a risk. The next thing to know is that the products have been sold in retail and on HSN for over 5Wakaya years and David Gillmore, the founder of Fiji Water is the money behind this product. They have recently pulled the products from retail into the network marketing distribution so that he could share the wealth. Their products are grown on Wakaya Island near Fiji in one of the most nutrient rich soils in the world. Their category creating product is the Boula Bottle which is a water bottle with a charcoal filter in the cap and you can purchase capsules to go into the cap that flavor and add much needed nutrients to our body. It is really cool. My other favorite product is the caramel/Ginger popcorn. VERY ADDICTIVE!!!!

Life LeadershipThe next is Life Leadership. Life Leadership is a program that is a subscription based product that teaches a variety of success skills such as finance, leadership, personal development etc. This company pays 70-80% to it’s distributors because the product is knowledge and not something that needs to be produced. The owners are also distributors so their success is based on how well the people below them do.

Although we have not aligned ourselves with the following, we have friends who would be happy to tell you about: Thrive, DoTerra, It Works, Take Shape for Life, Life Vantage, and several others.

Many may ask why we have aligned ourselves with so many of these and how we will make it work. Our biggest reason is that we believe in these companies and we are a resource for others to find ways to make a living. We also have the belief that we can create a steady stream of income (pipeline income) from these as we grow our own business. If you have any questions about our company DreamCoachers or our companies we have affiliated with, please email us at dreamcoachers.com.